DISKUS Dumbbell Set 10-20kg

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The complete set DISKUS for serious weight training in style - without doubts. Perfect for personal trainers, luxury spas and gyms, but also for the private villa.

The set consists of the new DISKUS rack and 180kg total dumbbell weight:

  • DISKUS 2x10kg
  • DISKUS 2x12kg
  • DISKUS 2x14kg
  • DISKUS 2x16kg
  • DISKUS 2x18kg
  • DISKUS 2x20kg


The heavy-duty dumbbell rack impressively combines 12 dumbbells on a small footprint. It sums up in a visual and haptical design highlight.

The rack consists of an aluminium supportive frame with a carcass made from walnut thick veneer. The Safeglide™ stainless steel dumbbell shelves provide a practical storage for no trapped fingers. The stand base is made of brushed stainless steel and includes a felt floor pad to prevent from scratches and allow moving the set on the floor.

Dimensions: 580 x 580 x 1050mm

Approx. weight of the rack: 60kg


Also available: DISKUS 8-18kg set HDEN-001.S8-18

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