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DISKUS dumbbells set 2-8kg

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The new lower weights DISKUS set is made for serious arm and upper body training. It consists of:

  • DISKUS dumbbell pair 2kg
  • DISKUS dumbbell pair 4kg
  • DISKUS dumbbell pair 6kg
  • DISKUS dumbbell pair 8kg
  • DISKUS rack 4

The dumbbells are made exclusively from certified American walnut and the finest food-grade stainless steel. These smaller dumbbells have a lower diameter than the big DISKUS dumbbells to cover low weights.

The oiled walnut provides a firm grip and is very hygienic, with no harmful substances being passed on to the user when they perspire. The grade 303 stainless steel used is food-safe and corrosion-resistant, with no leaching of heavy metals.

The new DISKUS dumbbell rack impressively combines 8 dumbbells on a small footprint. The rack consists of a full walnut wood. The Safeglide™ stainless steel dumbbell shelves provide a practical storage for no trapped fingers. The stand base is made of brushed stainless steel and includes floor pads to prevent from scratches and allow moving the set on the floor.

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