DISKUS Dumbbells 3kg

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DISKUS Dumbbells in lower weight increments from 2kg till 8kg. These smaller dumbbells fit perfectly to the bigger DISKUS dumbbells with a diameter of 148mm. The reduced diameter of 108mm allows a compact and organic design.

We decided to launch the DISKUS range following numerous requests from customers who were looking for heavier weights to train with.

Visually, the DISKUS is everything a dumbbell should be, with every angle and curve contributing to a harmonious overall effect. The stainless steel end plates scatter the reflected light, enhancing the dumbbells’ visual appeal, and are joined seamlessly to the wooden bar. The metal is machined using fully automated CNC tools, with no manual finishing required to create the subtle matt shimmer.

What it delivers in design, it matches in functionality. The wooden bar swells in the middle, which makes it easy to hold. The inner surfaces of the two end plates are angled away from the bar, giving more room for movement, and also making it easier to pick up the dumbbells by the end plates rather than the wooden bar if desired. There are no sharp corners or edges and therefore no risk of users cutting themselves.

As with the previous range, the DISKUS dumbbells are made exclusively from certified American walnut and the finest food-grade stainless steel. The oiled walnut provides a firm grip and is very hygienic, with no harmful substances being passed on to the user when they perspire. The grade 303 stainless steel used is food-safe and corrosion-resistant, with no leaching of heavy metals.

The two end plates of the dumbbells are connected together using a sophisticated system that is both stable and secure. And as with previous products, there are no visible bolts or screws.


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