VLUV PIL&PED STOV balance cushion 36cm in 6 colours

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Circular, air-filled balance cushion made of soft PVC inner cushion covered with a high-quality fabric cover, made of the famous VLUV upholstery fabrics. Perfect for active, upright sitting on most chairs, stools and benches.

  • Motivates intuitively to sit ergonomically and upright
  • Positive, flexible sensation similar to a VLUV seating ball
  • Fits to most office chairs, stools and benches at home or at the office
  • Forwards the comfort and the safety of the chair used
  • Permanent, sub-conscious balancing movement; Easy-to-carry, ergonomic support wherever you want to sit
  • Cover made of breathable, washable VLUV polyester upholstery fabric
  • Wide range of VLUV fabrics and colours available: STOV, LEIV and SOVA
  • Cozy, soft and warm to the touch
  • Stylish inner cushion made of phthalate-free soft PVC
  • Slip-resistant silicone print on the bottom of the cover
  • Original YKK® durable zipper
  • Burst resistant up to 200kgs load
  • Extra-wide diameter 36cm
  • height adjustable up to 6cm Cover machine-washable at 30 degrees
  • Including hand pump for adding or removing air
  • Including manual and workout instructions
  • Packaging made of 100% recycled carton
Product variations
Farbe: Anthrazit
63.90 € *
Farbe: Greige
63.90 € *
Farbe: Kiesel
63.90 € *
Farbe: Macchiato
63.90 € *
Farbe: Petrol
63.90 € *
Farbe: Concrete
63.90 € *
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